Record Snowfall in Buffalo NY

Walking in the Snow You may have seen the snow in Buffalo NY this past week, up to what appears to be 8' in some places! The latest report today indicates 8 snow related deaths, 5 of them from heart attacks. Every year as a paramedic in Denver the first heavy snow of the year would bring the early morning calls for heart attack victims, sometimes 3-4 within the city itself. These were typically males in late forties through early 60's who were in reasonable physical condition. Needless to say none of them expected that the exertion of shoveling snow would be enough to trigger a heart attack!

  Camp USA Logo You may not be familiar with CAMP USA, but you should be. This is the exclusive US importer and distributor of CAMP Technical Adventure Equipment, the 120 year-old Italian climbing and mountaineering brand. With offices near Boulder, CO they are making a stronger name for themselves throughout climbing, for both recreational and industrial applications. Once in a while a product comes along that is truly better that the competition. The TurboChest by CAMP is, IMO, by far the best chest ascender on the market today.

Workers of all kinds face dangers and hazards on the job. Often coming close to an accident resulting in fatality or injury, these near misses are sometimes reported. But do we know how many are not reported, and better yet, why? Winter Tower Climbing If  employees are reluctant  provide information on near misses, what are the causes?  Here, in no particular order,  are our top 6 reasons we hear. What about you?