We believe in continuous learning and improvement – answering questions, solving problems, developing custom training courses, and never settling for “it can’t be done.”


With deep roots in fall protection, snowcat operation, safety, rescue and survival, we are often recognized as the safety experts speaking at industry conferences and keynote events.

Steve Andreas (Senior Instructor)

Steve Andreas


Steve Andreas’ background originates in the entertainment (concert) industry as a rigger and audio engineer. He provided rigging support for a wide variety of musicians, celebrities, and political candidates over more than 10 years and has been personally responsible for the safety of numerous stadium builds as well as an extensive background in the rigging of portable structures.  Recently, he was the Head Rigger for the Presidential Debates in Boulder, Colorado.


With a SPRAT III certification, he functions as a full time instructor in every category Safety One has to offer, as well as providing an active role in curriculum development.


In addition to a climbing and rigging background, he also has extensive experience in automotive mechanics, metal fabrication, and unique vehicle operation, which leads directly into his role as a snowcat instructor for Safety One.  Steve has spent years working with the off-road community performing mechanical services and fabrication services both professionally and as a hobby.  As a Class A CDL driver with a background in machinery operation, he has a wide range of experiences to pull from for his classes.



SPRAT Level 3

Walker Mackey (Lead Instructor)

Walker Mackey holds certification as Level 3 Roper technician from both SPRAT and IRATA and extensive experience working in the Rope Access industry.  His first foray into Rope Access work involved inspecting the Chevron Refinery in Richmond, California.  His career expanded to include the wind turbine industry, where he worked as a rope access technician leading crews in vortex generator installation, fiberglass repair, and inspection. Walker’s rope access skills and experience progressed his breadth of work to include civil projects on many engineering marvels.  One of which was Folsom dam, where he assisted engineers with inspections as a lead rigger and standby rescuer. Along the way Walker discovered his passion for helping people which brought him into the educational sector.


When Walker isn’t teaching he is out traveling the world with his paraglider, flying off mountains in places like Nepal, Switzerland, and in his back yard in Boulder, Colorado. He strives to live an inspiring life while keeping safety at the forefront of his mind and enjoying the view from above.

Aaron Wermers (Lead Instructor)

Aaron Wermers is a full-time lead instructor at Safety One. He prides himself in providing safe and educational classes. From working on the side of a mountain in snowcat class, on a tower, in confined space or in the classroom. He is constantly thriving and pushing himself to learn more and provide up to date information and hands on experiences. His background in mechanics lends well into snowcat and other vehicle-based classes. He has also worked at heights with various means such as scaffold, scissor lifts and cranes.


When Aaron is not teaching, he enjoys spending time with his wife outdoors enjoying the mountains. It is not odd to find them spinning cranks on their tandem bicycle as they explore all the wonderful trails Colorado has to offer. Whether camping, biking, 4-wheeling or other activities. Aaron also has spent time performing rescues both off road and during blizzards to recover both vehicles and people.

Joe Anderson II (Instructor)

Joe Anderson II

Lead Instructor


Since Joe Anderson joined Safety One Training, he has specialized in creating, designing, implementing and instructing custom courses for the Tower Industry. Some of these courses include: Tower Safety Training and Rescue for Bill Boards, Competent Equipment Inspector, and the Advanced ATTC.


Joe has also implemented and designed the Rescue Rigging Lifeline Kits and Transfer Line 4:1’s, specifically designed for Tower Rescue Procedures. Besides his lead instructor role at Safety One, Joe is also a Career Firefighter and has taken a proactive and progressive approach in the Fire Service.

Monte Brewer (Instructor)

Monte Brewer



Monte Brewer is a training instructor at Safety One Training. Monte has been teaching Snowcat Operation Certification since January 2010. He is an experienced snowmobile rider, and has been pushing sleds to their limits since 1994. As an employee of a government agency that maintains hydro power plants and dams in the high Sierra he spends most of the winter operating snow cats to access facilities. Due to the nature of Monte’s job that requires inspections of usually inaccessible features, he is also an experienced rope access technician, requiring him to perform inspections and work while free hanging only supported by a rope system.


Monte also comes from a competitive racing background. He grew up racing downhill mountain bikes professionally. Monte resides with his family in the Reno, NV area where he enjoys spending time outdoors, going camping, fishing, hunting, rock climbing, downhill mountain biking, and riding ATV’s.



  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • OSHA 511 General Industry Safety
  • SPRAT Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians, Level 2 Certified Rope Access Technician
  • NFPA 70E/Arc Flash Electrical Safety/Electrical Safety for Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution
  • Permit-Required Confined Space
Todd Horning (Instructor)

Todd Horning



Todd Horning joined Safety One in 2008. He brings numerous skills to the organization related to vehicle operation and fall protection dating back to previous jobs in the construction and oil & gas industries.


Todd also has 10+ years of extensive professional experience teaching in the safe operation of motorcycles, ATVs, and tracked snow vehicles. He has had the opportunity to work with many different crews around the world to develop safe practices for some of the most unique at-height scenarios. Todd is very passionate about sharing his experience with others to ensure their safety while enjoying their work.



  • SPRAT Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians, Certified Rope Technician Level 3
  • OSHA 511 General Industry Safety
  • OSHA 501 Authorized Trained in Occupational Safety and Health for General Industry
  • EMT-B Nationally and State Registered Emergency Medical Technician
  • Fire Fighter 1 State of Colorado
  • Hazmat Operations State of Colorado
Derek Sardinta (Instructor)

Derek Sardinta



Derek Sardinta is a Fall Protection Instructor with Safety One Training International.  Derek has a bachelor’s degree in Fire Science Management and a master’s degree in Leadership with an emphasis in Disaster Preparedness.  He served two tours of duty in war zones while on active duty and continues to serve as a firefighter with the United States Air Force Reserves. Currently he is a firefighter at the United States Air Force Academy. He is a certified Rescue Technician I/II specializing in high/low angle rescue, including confined space.


Derek also volunteers as an instructor for the Colorado Mountain Club teaching rock climbing, mountaineering, ice climbing, and outdoor survival skills. He is also a certified Emergency Medical Technician/First Aid/CPR instructor. As a Colorado native, Derek enjoys everything Colorado has to offer.  In his free time you will find Derek mountain biking, rock climbing, skiing, camping, or in the back country conquering a mountain peak.  Derek is passionate about instructing and passing his knowledge onto others in order to keep them safe.

Nick Weighton (Instructor)

Nick Weighton



Nick Weighton joined Safety One Training in 1997. He is a fall protection expert and also specializes in mountain navigation and winter survival. Using hands-on teaching methods, he demonstrates map and compass techniques, survival gear and shelter construction.


Originally from Florida, Nick moved to Colorado in 1990. He has traveled to all 50 states along with 24 countries providing him with a wide range of practical experience in various climates, terrain and working environments. Nick offers 36 years of professional experience as a military and civilian instructor in navigation, survival, climbing and a dozen other outdoor skills. He was a Field Artillery and Special Forces officer and presently a backpacking, mountaineering and survival instructor for the Colorado Mountain Club. Since 1966 Nick has worked, hiked, trained or taught in woodland, mountain, desert and swamp environments in all weather conditions, day and night. As an avid mountain climber, he has summited 55 mountains over 14,000 feet high, including Mount Rainier. He enjoys outdoor sports such as hiking, camping, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.


Nick considers it a professional obligation to pass on his knowledge and experience to help keep our customers safe.

Robin Commons (Instructor)

Robin Commons



Robin Commons joined Safety One in the fall of 2008 as an assistant instructor in the Snow Operations Training Center. Since 2003 he’s been a senior instructor with the Colorado Mountain Club teaching navigation, backcountry travel, winter conditions skills and emergency shelter construction to beginning mountaineers. Before becoming an instructor, Robin had completed several courses, including the CMC survival school and Mountain Oriented First Aid. In 2004 he was trained as a Wilderness First Responder.

Mark Dornstauder (Instructor)

Mark Dornstauder



Mark Dornstauder is a training instructor for Snowcat Operation Trainings. Mark has been an experienced snowcat operator since 1997, and has been teaching since January 2005. Additionally he is an Equipment Specialist at a utility company, and an active member of the local search and rescue team.


Mark has extensive experience in operating LMC, VMC and Tucker snowcats. He also transports telecommunication employees to mountain sites in the Reno and surrounding areas. Mark resides with his family in Reno, NV where he enjoys spending time outdoors with his family going camping, rock climbing and riding ATV’s.

Steve Dundas (Instructor)

Steve Dundas



Steve Dundas is a senior instructor and has been with Safety One Training since 1999. Steve is an experienced snow vehicle operator with over ten years in snowcat transportation through Mountain Top Communications. Steve has 35 years’ experience as an Airport Ground Operation Supervisor for United Airlines.

Chuck Kevwitch (Commercial & Government Contracts Manager)

Chuck Kevwitch

Commercial & Government Contracts Manager


Chuck brings over 17 years of experience in contracting and sales management to Safety One Training, Inc. Chuck worked extensively with fleet management and safety divisions within many large companies and government agencies and gained valuable knowledge of their protocols for fleet safety and training. His expertise has given Safety One a unique advantage in the government and contract training sector.


With years of experience in the motorsport industry and his extensive mechanical and technical experience on off-road vehicle capabilities Chuck is often in the field leading one of Safety One’s ATV, UTV, Snowcat or trailer courses. In addition, Chuck has spent the last 3 years working in a number of areas related to work at height and fall protection. He has had the opportunity to work with many different clients across the United Sates to develop safety programs for some of the most unique at-height scenarios.


Chuck is a SPRAT Level 1 Rope Access Technician, he is a qualified climber and rescuer for communications and high voltage towers and often is an instructor in Safety One’s Confined Space Safety and Rescue, Snowcat Operations training and ATV/UTV Operator Safety courses.

Amanda Lantz (Client Advisor)

Amanda Lantz

Client Advisor


Amanda joined the Safety One Training Team as the Training Coordinator in 2013 with more than fifteen years of administrative and coordination experience in the safety, energy and legal industries. In early 2015 she made the move to sales, and is passionate about providing our customers training programs tailored to fit their individual needs. She has worked in the regulatory side of the Oil and Gas Industry including a period of time in refineries. Also, working safety in Western US and Canada based solely in Refineries. Amanda enjoys spending time with her family in the Colorado Mountains at their cabin.