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Your need for quality safety training is beyond priority one
at Safety One. We partner with you to solve tough safety
problems and to ensure the training aligns with your business needs.
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Get Trained FASTER


View Upcoming Training Dates

The Safety One Training Solutions

Safety One offers more than just standard fall protection safety/rescue trainings.

We are experts on safety at height and safety in extreme conditions, and are committed to deliver premium training that helps you overcome the fall/safety hazard at work with comprehensive and cost-effective solutions.

The Right Training for Different Industries

Our industry specific expertise and focus enables us to deliver safety trainings tailored to each client.

Among the businesses and industry sectors, we serve:

Your business is unique, and your training should be, too.


For companies with an established safety program, we can tailor a training course to meet your specific needs and deliver the course at your location in the convenience of your own setting.


Safety One does not rely on training from a book or manual as that approach does not cover unique situations. They are absolutely the experts in that (fall protection) field, without a doubt.

We asked Safety One to build a fall protection curriculum, and our team learned so much, it was unreal. And our team is made up of some pretty good subject experts.