First-Class Snowcat Training

for Effective Snow Management & Survival Skills

First-Class Snowcat Training

for Effective Snow Management

and Survival Skills

Safety One Training is the largest snowcat operation and snow survival school in the world.
Learn how to safely navigate the back country in a snow vehicle while facing many hazards that over snow travel presents.

Find the Right Snowcat Operation Training Course

Since 1987 the Safety One Training team has trained utility companies and government organizations worldwide, making us the frontrunner in the industry.


Our safety instructors are the leaders in the industry including physicians, mountaineering instructors, winter survival experts, meteorologists, expert snow vehicle operators, engineers and so much more.


Whether you are a small business, a local municipality, a utility company, or a federal government agency, we at Safety One Training can help your organization achieve safe and efficient operation of your tracked snow vehicles.

  • OSHA compliant skills
  • Operate snowcats under normal and extreme conditions efficiently and safely, and know when to go/no go
  • To remain compliant with OSHA safety retraining guidelines
  • Specialized equipment training, equipment repair under emergency conditions
  • Essential safety skills to recognize, prevent, and treat frostbite, hypothermia, and other cold weather injuries
  • Practical survival skills to survive in remote winter conditions environment

Custom Snowcat Training

At Our Site or Yours


Custom-built Safety One Snowcat Training courses incorporate your unique situation and requirements with the industry’s best practices and OSHA regulations to provide premier safety & rescue training support.