Safety One Training Providing Stop Gap Measure For DBI Sala Lad-Saf Recall

Safety One Training Providing Stop Gap Measure For DBI Sala Lad-Saf Recall

After more than 30 years on the market 3M/Capital Safety announced in August that the previous models of the Lad-Saf have been recalled forcing tower climbers to seek a new solution to the Flexible Cable Fixed-Ladder System. A replacement Lad-Saf is on the market but, due to high demand, it is currently on back-order from the factory and unavailable for another 120 days. So… What do you do if you can’t get one now? Safety One Training Does Have A Limited Number Of The LAD-SAF Model X-2’s In Stock.   

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At Safety One Training, our best solution philosophy is a First Man Up/Temporary Lifeline System. This consists of a lifeline connected to an anchor above the work area and a rope grab for each climber.

To rig this system you will need a rope grab such as an ASAP, or an ASAP Lock, with an Absorbica Lanyard, and a rope. All climbers will also need a V Style or Y Style Lanyard of which there are many options*Remember to always attach the hooks of your V or Y lanyard to the RAILS, not the rungs of the ladder.*

There are several noteworthy comparisons to make between the Fixed-Ladder Cable System and the Temporary Lifeline System.

Advantages of the Fixed Ladder System:

  • If the cable is attached properly and the system is functional (and provided you have the current model Lad-Saf) it is a quick and easy way to secure yourself to the cable and start climbing immediately after doing an inspection of the equipment.

Disadvantage of the Fixed Ladder System:

  • It is very difficult if not impossible, to actually inspect the condition of the top of the cable before beginning your assent. Problems could exist that are not visible on the ground that could make the cable unsafe and unusable. It is always recommended that the first climber make an inspection of the top of the cable, while using their shock-absorbing lanyards.
  • Many towers don’t have a pre-rigged cable, making the Lad-Saf unusable.
  • While the tower could be equipped with a cable, unless you know the cable’s size and type, it might not fit the make and model of your personal Lad-Saf.
  • Steel cable cannot be used for rescue in an emergency.

Advantages of the First Man Up/Temporary Lifeline System:

  • This method can be used on almost any tower, whether it has a cable installed or not, and regardless of the condition of the cable.
  • It is considered the most reliable system because it requires a trained/competent person to install the safety line at the start of each day.
  • Compared to having each climber using only their shock-absorbing lanyards as back up, once the safety-line is installed this is a relatively quick and easy way to provide back-up fall protection for your climbers, who (one climber at a time) would each have their own ASAPs or other approved rope grabs attached.
  • If used properly, the ASAP or other back-up devices usually trail easier and allow the climber more freedom of movement than the Lad-Saf, which can sometimes be cumbersome and awkward to use especially when climbing back down the tower.
  • The lifeline can be used for rescue in an emergency.

Disadvantages of the First Man Up/Temporary Lifeline System: 

  • It takes more time to install a back up line than it would to attach directly to a cable, assuming a good working-condition cable already exists and you have the current Lad-Saf model in hand.

Whatever method you choose, always remember that understanding your equipment is your responsibility; and no amount of equipment knowledge substitutes proper training. Make sure that you and your crews are properly trained for the various conditions they might face.

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