Capital Safety/3M Lad-Saf Fall Arrest Device Recalled – Users Warned to STOP USE IMMEDIATELY

Capital Safety/3M Lad-Saf Fall Arrest Device Recalled

The DBI Sala Lad-Saf from Capital Safety/3M is one of the most commonly used and most trusted fall protection tools in the tower climbing industry. That’s why on August 30 2016, when Capital Safety/3M announced a recall of the original Lad-Saf, it created a major impact throughout the community.

The official 3M/Capital Safety Recall Notice states, “After more than 30 years of use in the fall protection industry, the original Lad-Saf™ sleeve has been replaced by a completely redesigned next generation Lad-Saf sleeve.”

The notice goes on to say that the company reviewed “…a limited number of incidents involving a serious injury or death in the United States while using the sleeve. Although our review did not reveal product hazard or risk scenarios that would arise in the ordinary and proper use of the product, it did reveal potential misuse scenarios that could result in serious injury or death. The potential misuse scenarios include interference with the braking mechanism (such as entanglement with cords, lanyards, clothing or other materials, or grasping the sleeve prior to or during a fall), or result from the user attaching the sleeve upside down (user inversion).”

According to the Capital Safety/3M’s official recall notice, users of the original Lad-Saf are required to take action and stop using the product immediately. Customers/users of the device are urged to Contact 3M Customer Services at 1-800-328-6146 (ext. 2012), or email [email protected] to discuss the replacement of returned units with a replacement sleeve at no additional cost.

Here is a link to 3M/Capital Safety’s Official Recall Notice.

Although 3M is experiencing increased demand and extended lead times, the staff at Safety One’s Pro Shop is standing by with solutions to keep your crew climbing until replacement sleeves are received. Please see or call us at 800-485-7669 and ask for either Ty or Andrew. We’re happy to assist in any way we can.

Affected part numbers are:

  • 6100016, 6116500, 6116501, 6116502, 6116503, 6116504, 6116505, 6116506, 6116507, 6116509, 6116512, 6116535, 6116540, 6116541, 6116542, 6116500C, 6116500SM, 6116507/A, 6116540b

It is extremely urgent that you stop using and quarantine any original Lad-Saf Sleeves with these part numbers immediately.

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