Vendor Product Spotlight: RED by ISC

Vendor Product Spotlight: RED by ISC

Some of you may be familiar with ISC, some of you maybe not so much. Their headquarters is overseas, and they continue to expand more into the US market.

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ISC Ltd specializes in the design, development and manufacture of innovative engineered components and other ‘Solutions in Metal’. They supply products globally to the ‘Working at Height’ industry which includes Arborists, Fire & Rescue, Rope Access, and other industrial fall protection users, as well as the Motor Racing, Military and other specialist markets.


As with many manufacturers, they have shown us many of their different products for use, evaluation and study. One of them is known as the RED. I asked Brian Bourquin about the device recently, after he had had some time with it.


“Here are my initial thoughts about the RED by ISC. I like the red for many reasons. First and foremost, it has the feel and functionality of the shunt. It stays in place where you leave it, it can be used as a rope grab, it is rated for 2 people and it is light weight. Just as all backup devices it must be rigged correctly and properly handled. I also enjoyed the ability to put it on a cowstail and have a little distance between the device and myself. It is not a perfect device, nothing is, but it will have a home on my harness for the foreseeable future.”

Kevin Carter

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