The Release of the New ANSI Standard

The Release of the New ANSI Standard

Z359 Fall Protection Code – Newest Version Released

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We see employees from a variety of industries in our safety & rescue certification courses.  Often times our students ask the importance of staying compliant with such consensus standards such as ANSI in their company safety programs.  Common responses we hear in the industry are “it’s not the law!” or “will the ANSI police come and get me?”

If you look back over numerous investigations provided by OSHA however, they do like to use the term “incorporation by reference” meaning that if there is a recognized industry standard out there applicable to your scope of work that you really should follow it.  At the end of the day employees should focus a little less on the rules and a little more on working as safe as they can.

In our training programs we look at numerous consensus standards including ANSI, and we look forward to incorporating this new standard into our programs as applicable.

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Todd Horning

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