115kv Line Repair

115kv Line Repair

We got this from a utility customer a few years ago. I recently found it, thought it was interesting, thought I would share:

Installation of a splice (Full Tension Armored) on a 115kv line.  This gunshot transmission line was repaired barehanded with the line still energized at 115,000 volts.  The guys up in the air work on the line with the bucket jumpered/energized at the same voltage as the line so no EHV gloves or static suits are required.  The linemen on the truck monitors the microamps of leakage current in the boom while the work is being done “hot”.

The conductor is 397 ACSR (aluminum conductor steel reinforced).  The galvanized hard steel core cable provides the strength and support for the wrapped aluminum strands that are the low resistance conductor.  This line’s rating is 67 million volt/amps. See the pictures!

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  • AGL Bob
    Posted at 18:09h, 27 October Reply

    That could be a hair raising experience.

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