Vendor Spotlight: Samson Rope

Vendor Spotlight: Samson Rope

Our training facility offers fall protection and tower climbing and safety rescue courses year round and we use a lot of rope. We tie it, play with it, work with it, cut it, stretch it, test it and break it.  One of the brands we use is Samson Rope.

Samson Rope logo

According to their website:

Samson is the worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of high-performance ropes with a focus on R&D and solving specific customer applications. The company has an unwavering commitment to research, development, and offering the Samson Advantage – a commitment to field engineering and pre-and after-sale support services that include residual strength testing, customer-specific operating manuals, field inspections, and training. The cumulative result is twofold: stronger and more durable products, and a knowledgeable customer base that truly understands the requirements, demands, and needs of its industry. Samson’s products are used throughout the world in a variety of applications. From offshore lifting to recreational sailing, commercial fishing to arborist, as well as mining, aerospace, rescue, military and more; customers benefit from a full line of synthetic ropes built to excel in demanding environments.

As most of you know, we do not sell gear, equipment, rope, or at height safety products. We work closely with manufacturers to test and evaluate new products and provide their feedback. Samson was nice enough to send us a sample display board that showcases much of what they have to offer to hang in our training facility. See here:
Samson Rope Display
I wanted to get some feedback from one of my instructors, and this is what he said:
At Safety One Training we recommend Samson rope for many reasons. They manufacture rope in the widest variety of many rope smith. We are especially happy with the Tenex lines for splicing woopie slings and hand lines as well as the kermantle 11mm Vector lifeline and 8.5mm cord. These products are especially strong for their weight and have proven themselves reliable time and again.

-Brian Bourquin (the gear guy)   
So there you have it from one of our very own. As always contact us if you have any questions about our training, our gear preferences or any safety related issue. We are happy to help.
Kevin Carter
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