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CMI Ascenders

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I spend quite a bit of my time every day speaking with manufacturers about products, new products, their position in the industry and how their gear may be unique or different. Sometimes it is not only the gear itself that stands out, but the quality of workmanship and the genuine concern over making the best product they can.

Today while speaking with Kris  Kirk at CMI in Franklin, WV I found out about their quality guarantee for their ascenders. Here it is:

Ascender Wear-Out Guarantee:

Our ascenders feature a new coating process on the cam. This sophisticated new alloy combination yields a long-wearing super hard finish. The surface treatment is part of a new family of gaseous applied processes that have been developed to increase corrosion resistance, impart superior wear characteristics and to produce a dark, aesthetically pleasing finish.

The Cams in our ascenders are so good…if you ever wear one out, we’ll replace it FREE! We’re so confident that these are the best parts in the world that we took them off our price list– you’ll never have to buy one. Ever.

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Pretty impressive, don”t you think?

Kevin Carter

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