#3 of 5 – Top 5 List For Avoiding Snow Vehicle Fatalities This Winter

#3 of 5 – Top 5 List For Avoiding Snow Vehicle Fatalities This Winter

Safety Is Not Just the Vehicle

In our continuing series this week of preparation for winter and the hazards associated with extreme cold temperatures, we bring you the 3rd installment. Maybe the most important for the most people, being prepared with the right equipment in whatever vehicle you drive can make all the difference.

snowcat winter survival training

Winter Survival Gear & Equipment

In many cases crews will use these supplies throughout the season and it is often overlooked to restock these items at the end of a busy work day in the field. Over the course of a season supplies can become severely depleted. Take a day and make sure that crews are prepared to survive the elements if they are stranded until help arrives. Workers should be able to stay warm, dry and hydrated for a minimum of 72 hours and survival kits should have necessary means to do so. Employees who work in remote areas in temperatures below freezing must have received cold weather training per OSHA guidelines.

Stay tuned for a newly redesigned Winter Survival Kit coming out soon.

Stay Dry!

Todd Horning

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