Loss Of An Outstanding Employee Makes Us All Proud

Loss Of An Outstanding Employee Makes Us All Proud

Most of the senior (that means old guys) instructor staff at Safety One Inc have done “our whatever” in the world by the time we start teaching here (SWAT, Rescue Paramedic, Firefighter, Special Forces Officers, Marine Corps Snipers etc. etc.) and are happy to be teaching and sharing with others from the comfort of our new civilian lives.

It is with regret and pride that we notify all our customers that we have just lost a very talented instructor. We cannot tell you the name of the instructor due to the US Government agency he has taken a deep cover foreign assignment with…. making half of his former income and living in some of the worlds dirtiest and riskiest places. When he resigned he stated only one reason, he again wanted to serve his country. He of course can no longer be reached by social media, phone or any other method but we trust that in a sidewalk internet cafe somewhere he reads his old companies blog. When he does we want him to know that we are all very proud of him as a company and grateful to him and those like him who serve simply out of service to our country. ¬†When you make it home the beer (yes your fo-fo foreign brew) is on us!

It was an honor to have worked with you, be safe and godspeed!


Art Seely

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