Come See us in Las Vegas! WISPAPALOOZA features hands on training, interactive sessions on technical aspects, business challenges and success stories, marketing and sales tips and strategies and updates on our nation’s regulatory environment in the telecommunications industry.
The conference will host an Exhibit Hall of nearly 100 wireless, fiberoptic and tower infrastructure manufacturers, software companies, cloud service providers, VoIP solution providers, consultants, mapping services and more. Most tools needed to build and operate broadband networks will be featured.


October 14 – 1:00PM – 5:00PM – Lee Loker from Exterior Systems Consulting will discuss many tricks of the trade and safety tips for all of your tower climbing jobs.  An experienced tower climber, Lee has developed many methods to make his job easier, more productive and safer.  He also has many tips to weatherproof and mount equipment that will outlast most.  The fee for this training is $50/person.  This is NOT a tower safety course.  Lee will be joined by Todd Horning from Safety One and Jacob Wallace from Rope & Rescue.

October 15-17 – Come see us in Booth #508.

October 17 – 12:45PM-1:15PM – Safety One Vendor Presentation

Oct. 18  – Tower Safety & Rescue Certification Course – One Day Certification $995

We hope to see you there!

Kevin Carter

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