Thinking about buying your first snowcat?

Thinking about buying your first snowcat?

 Scot Track snowcat sno-cat snow cat  Weston Pass BV206 and Prinoth Trooper Tucker Snowcat Sno-cat four tracks in the snow

We receive many phone calls from snowcat novices. Most are looking to purchase their first machine and do not know where to begin. When purchasing these vehicles or any other used snow cat there are a number of variable to consider while making your decision:

Location: Don’t forget if you buy one of these machines, you have to find a way to get it home! Cross country transportation costs can run thousands of dollars, so be careful!

Condition: Probably the most important consideration. You must inspect axels, track and frame components, power train, ROPS structures and a host of other important improvements.  These all can result in a higher ground pressure, which of course is a negative for soft snow performance.

Number of Passengers: How many people do you need to carry? Is it worth spending the extra money on a larger cabin machine, or do you have a short enough transit to make multiple trips?  Remember as well, any unsecured heavy equipment in the passenger cabin to injure us in what otherwise would have been a simple rollover event.

Price: Depending on condition, number of passengers and other factors an average used snow cat in serviceable condition can vary from $20,000 – $80,000.

Training: While most of our clients come from the corporate/government world where training and certification of operators is mandated by OSHA, we do have private individuals come to our classes to learn how best operate their vehicles with the safety of themselves, their family and loved ones in mind. Our four days of training may be what you need for peace of mind and confidence in operating these unique vehicles. Please call one of our trained sales staff at 800-485-7669 for cost and locations near you.

Watch for future blogs on the specific critical and unique pre purchase inspection points for many of the common used vehicles found today.  For some of the more technical points we will include photographs. Simply knowing where to look and what to look for can make the difference between a great acquisition and a disaster that will haunt the buyer for years to come!  Our blogs will cover LMC/DMC/Thiokol Sprytes, Imps, 1450 Super Imps: Bombardier Bombi’s, 250&252 models, Muskegs, BR160 and BR180 models as well the Trooper and Patrol snowcats.  We will also cover the Piston Bully 70, 100 and 130 snow cat series as well as the PB Scout.  If you would like other machines included please post a note on our blog!

Be safe!

  • Arlo Miller
    Posted at 11:56h, 07 October Reply

    Where in Idaho can you purchase a snow cat,
    I’min Cottonwood.

    • Ty
      Posted at 13:59h, 07 October Reply

      We recommend the local Facebook groups, or if you’re able to travel to Wyoming. We recommend – Larry and his team are great and will get you taken care of!

      Stay Safe,


  • Ben bobier
    Posted at 17:12h, 14 February Reply

    Do you guys know of any good places to purchase these from? I am considering using them to pull vehicles out of places I cannot reach with tow truck period.

    • Ty
      Posted at 14:41h, 18 February Reply

      Hi Ben – As of late last year we’re focused on providing the best snowcat operator safety training in the business! To that end, Tracked Outdoors, LLC. has acquired all of snowcats that we previously had for sale. They’re based just up the road in Wyoming, and can be reached at or 307-224-5008. Give us a shout when you’re ready for training, we’ll get you squared away!

      Stay Safe,


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