Most of you know, we do not sell gear. We avoid the implications of any unethical recommendations and remain vendor neutral. Still, we form strong relationships with many manufacturers as test beds for their products. Not only do our customers appreciate our unbiased viewpoint, so do they. Sterling Rope Logo One of these is Sterling Rope,  a manufacturer of life safety rope, cord, and hardware. Made in the USA...

The history of Safety One Training extends back 25 years, built year by year on the foundation of our loyal customers. Our business is much the same as yours, and we have grown every year because of referrals from happy clients. Clients happy with our service is the best form of advertising we have, and we would like to extend an invitation to all of you.
Thank You
As former students, we know you have friends, family and colleagues in the industry who could benefit from the very best training the industry has to offer. In appreciation...

  Camp USA Logo You may not be familiar with CAMP USA, but you should be. This is the exclusive US importer and distributor of CAMP Technical Adventure Equipment, the 120 year-old Italian climbing and mountaineering brand. With offices near Boulder, CO they are making a stronger name for themselves throughout climbing, for both recreational and industrial applications. Once in a while a product comes along that is truly better that the competition. The TurboChest by CAMP is, IMO, by far the best chest ascender on the market today.

Workers of all kinds face dangers and hazards on the job. Often coming close to an accident resulting in fatality or injury, these near misses are sometimes reported. But do we know how many are not reported, and better yet, why? Winter Tower Climbing If  employees are reluctant  provide information on near misses, what are the causes?  Here, in no particular order,  are our top 6 reasons we hear. What about you?