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Employees face many hazards when working in confined spaces. This Confined Space Training course directly benefits employees working in a variety of industries.


This course equips students to prepare for confined space entry, and also to perform the important duties associated with an emergency rescue situation.




OSHA states that employers must provide confined space entry program if your employees are to enter permit-required confined spaces.


One of the major elements of a confined space entry program is to provide confined space training for all employees that are required to perform work tasks in a confined space.


The Safety One Confined Space Training course provides an overview of the hazards related to confined spaces and how to mitigate them, as well as best practices and procedures that will keep you safe and compliant.


Learn from the experience of our professional rescue instructors and decide which application works best for your situation through hands on practice of various scenario-based exercises.


Students will gain an understanding of confined spaces, and cover tricks of the trade from various industries that are proven to save lives.


Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive the Safety One Certification and will be able to:

  • Understand the elements of Permit-Required Confined Spaces Regulations
  • Understand the differences between permit required vs. non-permit required confined spaces
  • Identify and evaluate confined space hazards: atmospheric, physical, chemical, and mechanical
  • Perform basic atmospheric testing, ventilation and continuous monitoring
  • Entry and exit processes
  • Apply manual versus mechanical rescue systems and methods

COURSE DURATION: One to Three Day (Course length depends on certification and level of training desired)



Course content relevant to OSHA, ANSI and NFPA standards. Contact us for special certification needs.
This course also covers:

  • Identification of a Confined Space
  • Industry Terminology and Documentation
  • Hazard Evaluation and Identification
  • Permit Required vs. Non-Permit Required Confined Spaces
  • Atmospheric Testing, Ventilation, and Continuous Monitoring
  • Entrant Roles and Responsibilities
  • Hazard Isolation, Lockout / Tag out and Signage
  • Rescue and Auxiliary Equipment
  • Emergency Preparedness and Rescue Methods
  • Manual vs. Mechanical Rescue Systems
  • Medical Considerations for Rescue



This Confined Space Training course is designed for employees working in confined space, for example:

  • Wind energy engineers and technicians,
  • Maintenance technicians of grain silos and water towers
  • Tank construction and inspection workers
  • HVAC technicians
  • Manufacturing and Mining workers
  • Emergency response personnel
  • And more…


OSHA states that employers must protect workers entering confined space environment and provide means of prompt rescue for injured workers in a permit required confined space.


OSHA Requirements:

Construction: CFR 1926 Subpart AA
General Industry: 1910.146



No formal prerequisites for this course.




This course meets the requirements of the OSHA Regulation.

  • Construction: CFR 1926 Subpart AA
  • General Industry: 1910.146



ANSI/ASSE Z117.1-2009

This course uses compliant safety methods from ANSI Z490.1




Classroom Training Covering the Following Topics

  • Permit vs. non-permit required confined spaces
  • Proper signage
  • Confined space personnel
  • Hazardous Atmospheres
  • Tricks of the trade – proper techniques for avoiding accidents
  • Equipment inspections and proper fitment
  • Rescue and pre-planning – different methods, types of equipment, applications
  • Lock out / tag out


Field Training


  • Instructor lead demonstrations followed by student participation
  • Proper tailboard meetings will be held prior to starting and all students will participate as a group
  • Various rescue scenarios will be given and students will have to work as a team
  • Classes can be tailored to specific scenarios



Students will receive the Safety One Confined Space Training Student Manual and other materials necessary for the course.




Our company had some work coming up in a confined space and we had no idea where to start. Safety One was able to come in and develop a program to keep our employees working safely and efficiently all while meeting some tight deadlines.

We Also Bring the Course to You


For companies that have five or more employees that need safety certification, Safety One offers all open enrollment courses and customized fall protection trainings at the client’s site.


By tailoring a training course to your site and your staff, we are able to address specific issues unique to your business needs and resolve fall protection hazards in and around your facility.


In addition, there is cost savings by reducing employee down time.