Standard Climber Safety & Rescue Certification

Standard Tower Climber Safety & Rescue Training & Certification Standard Tower Climber Safety & Rescue Training & Certification Standard Tower Climber Safety & Rescue Training & Certification - Descending a Tower


Our course is designed for men and women who need fall protection training, antenna & tower climbing training, or safety and rescue training. We offer an extremely effective balance between classroom instruction and hands-on tower climbing, and practical rescue scenarios. OSHA 1920-26 states that any worker on a walking or working surface that has any unprotected side or edge which is 6 feet or more from a lower level requires fall protection training. A substantial portion of our safety training covers OSHA certification topics such as: OSHA safety requirements, the physics of falls, personal protective equipment, fall protection concepts and safety equipment, treatment of frequently encountered tower injuries, documentation, along with solo and small group rescue deployment options. We make it possible to get your employees compliant in one day, rather than the two-four day alternative which takes your employees away from what they’re supposed to be doing – their jobs!

Classroom Training

Introduction to Standards as They Pertain to Tower Climbing

  • Anchorages: types, ratings, theories and inspections
  • Body support: types, preferences and regulations
  • Means of connection: equipment, techniques, warnings and inspections Equipment
  • General: inspections, removal from service and PFAS
  • Fall arrest: lanyards, rope grabs, shock absorbers, self retracting lanyards, fall clearances
  • Rescue and personal gear/P.P.E.

Structure Types and Hardware

  • Tower types: guyed, self supported,monopole
  • Ladders: types, inspections, safety
  • Regulations

Job Briefings

  • Hazards
  • Rescue plan
  • Employee duties

Climbing Techniques

  • Industry best practice
  • Tips for avoiding injury

Tower Rescue

  • Procedures
  • Equipment
  • Suspension trauma: basic treatment

Field Training

Job Briefing-Perform an Actual Briefing for the Afternoon

  • Hazards
  • Different stations set up by instructor
  • Equipment inspections

Tower Climbing

  • Proper techniques to follow regulations

Self Rescue

  • Controlled descent using approved descent device

Victim Rescue

  • Standard victim pick-off using approved tools and techniques

This course is N.A.T.E. (National Association of Tower Erectors) compliant and A.T.C. (American Tower Company) approved!

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