Brent Seely

Brent Seely - Instructor Bio Pic Brent Seely Instructor  Brent Seely Instructor

Nationally Certified EMT
SPRAT Level 3 Rope Access Technician
Lead Instructor – Fall Protection
Lead Instructor – Confined Space

Brent Seely has a long standing 10+ year history with the Safety One Training team and is a passionate safety professional with numerous hours both off the ground on ropes and towers and at the windshield of snowcats as well.

Brent is a Nationally Certified EMT and SPRAT Level 3 Lead rope access technician who has been actively involved in the Fall Protection and Climbing Safety & Rescue training division of the company since 2004. As a Lead Instructor in Fall Protection at Safety One Training he travels internationally with the team sharing fall protection and at height safety rescue training to countless organizations. His work experience outside of training includes rope access for stage & rigging applications, wind turbine access, repair and rescue and a host of other unique at height work hazards. In fact, his wind turbine experience was tapped extensively as he spearheaded the curriculum development and growth of our wind turbine training division. He has also been active in mine rescue, wilderness rope rescue and the merchant marines / US Coast Guard. He is also consulted regularly by Front Range Mine Rescue Team Edgar for rope rescue procedures and techniques. 

Driving snowcats since the age of 4, he is trained in winter survival techniques as well as snowcat operation, With experience in both two track and four track machines, he has driven virtually every manufacturer of snow machine. Assisting in the training of our students, his experience and expertise has been shared with hundreds of students over the years.

Brent has a passion for safety that translates well to his continuing development as a valued trainer at Safety One.